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CEMEX LatAm offers many cement variations for different uses. Produced with the backing of over 100 years of industry experience, these products are the perfect solution for all your building needs. They are available in bags and bulk.

» Colombia

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» Panama

CEMEX LatAm in Panama sells both bag and bulk cement under the "Bayano" brand. CEMEX LatAm in Panama offers a diversified product portfolio designed to meet the construction industry's specific needs, including different types of cement such as Type I cement, which is used primarily in the industrial segment and provides early compressive strength, and Type II cement, which was designed specifically for use in the Panama Canal expansion project.

The following chart presents some examples of specialized cement products by CEMEX LatAm in Panama all of which are sold under the "Bayano" brand:

Special Cement Products Description
Flexicem cement Provides structural function as well as an aesthetic or decorative finish. The product can be a smooth or textures surface and can be made in a variety of colors.
GU or General Use cement Designed to enhance early strength development and allows for the fast removal of framework.
Type I cement Used in structural and pre-cast elements with high strength.
Type II cement Designed for structural elements, specially designed to fulfill the Panama Canal requirements.
HE cement Cement specially designed for regular ready-mix concrete applications.
IP18 cement Cement specially designed for dams and hydroelectric power plants projects. It is a low-heat cement, good for massive applications.

» Costa Rica

CEMEX LatAm in Costa Rica offers four types of cement: Sanson UG, Sanson 4000, Sanson Fortacem and Sanson Blanca, which are sold in both bag and bulk forms. Sanson UG is designed as general use cement and Sanson 4000/Fortacem is cement designed for industrial use and structural elements. These products are sold under two brand names: "Sanson" and "King".

CEMEX Costa Rica has 11 cement and mortar products in its "Sanson" line, including Pegacerámica Premium and Repello Proyectable, which were introduced in 2011. Pegaceramica Premium is a mix of cement, selected aggregates and latex-based additives that makes it ideal for adhering flooring with low or no absorption, such as porcelain and marble. Repello Proyectable is ideal for the first layer of spackle on concrete surfaces and is applied with a spackling machine that reduces waste and increases productivity.

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